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Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese

G.V.G.V and FACETASM. If you haven’t heard of them, become educated. Clean, fresh lines, amazing layering and quirky attachments is expected from the birthplace of Harajuku. The first is slightly more tamed for all you Brits while the second is Oh so Japanese… who you prefer doesn’t matter because both of them are fashion houses to watch.


Hiromichi Ochiai graduated from the Bunka Fashion College in 1999. Since then he has worked for eight years at the textiles company, ‘Guildwork’ which deals with Commes des Garcons, Zucca and Undercover. In Spring 2007 he launched his label, FACETASM and since then has had nine shows, the most recent being his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection in Paris.

His creations are Tokyo street style at its best. Layers of tights, shorts, jumpers and parkas in all kinds of graphic prints were the main ensembles for his Men’s compilation, somewhat channeling the local park hero in Yoyogi Koen. The lookbook immediately caught my attention when I saw a black military hooded jacket finished off with white piping. The look simply oozed cool without the try hard attachments of American youth fashion. The women’s collection saw much of the same, with varied textiles (very fitting for a designer of this callibre), layered to a perfection only reached by those in Japan. Each outfit was accented with an incredible scarf, the most notable being in an American print and tightened with a straw belt.

FACETASM Autumn/Winter 2011

FACETASM Autumn/Winter 2011

FACETASM Autumn/Winter 2011

FACETASM Autumn/Winter 2011


After graduating from the Kuwasawa Design School, Mug laid down the foundations of her own brand in 1999 that has come to be known as G.V.G.V. Her world is represented by a mix of femininity and masculinity, with free sensitivity that is present in every season’s collection. G.V.G.V. has now become one of the most attractive Tokyo fashion labels. In 2007, Mug collaborated with UNIQLO for their sell out Spring and Summer collection.

The G.V.G.V Autumn/Winter 2001 collection centred on the theme of youth culture, a sequel to her previous 1960s hippie movement compilation, Wanderlust. A preppy vibe was evident with the use of ‘school grey’ in pleated skirts, boiled wool blazers, high waist ‘scout sash’ trousers and fur trimmed, hooded varsity bomber jackets. Inherently British elements formed a substantial part of the collection with boater hats, tartan and tweed. Standard items such as stadium jackets and duffel coats were mixed with an array of materials, allowing for wearable quality.

The alternativeness of Japanese style was not lost in translation. Edgy leather pieces came in colours of black and brown and in styles of button down collared shirts, maxi pleat skirts, wet look oversized trousers with tartan print cuffs, paper-bag-waist mini skirts and the very seductive double pocket 3/4 pencil skirts. An ode to revisiting your past was made with ‘Doc Marten style’ lipstick, patent platform boot shoes and the perfectly on trend leopard print flatforms.

G.V.G.V Autumn/Winter 2011

G.V.G.V Autumn/Winter 2011

G.V.G.V Autumn/Winter 2011

G.V.G.V Autumn/Winter 2011

It is without a doubt that both designers have managed to create feelings of familiarity mixed with the unknown. A rare feat for creators these days.


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In Fine Form

Lately I have discovered luxury brand Caudalie, especially their Contouring Concentrate (thank you beauty cupboard!). Marketed as essential oils to contour your thighs, hips and buttocks (yes, the packaging says buttocks) and help refine your silhouette while reducing the appearance of dimples, this oil essentially promises to sculpt your butt.

So with Summer poking it’s head in and out of the London door and my holiday to Ibiza just around the corner, I thought I would test out this so called miracle oil…

It works! I kid you not… It really works. After only one week of using it once a day (morning time in my case) I have noticed a significant difference. Sure, to everyone else my derriere probably looks the same, but to me its on a whole new level. My skin is smoother and more taught and feels like absolute silk.

Whether the key is in massage (a proven stimulant to get rid of cellulite) or in the ingredients, that’s debatable, all I know is that when I run out of it, I will be scouring the beauty cupboard for more!

Caudalie Contouring Concentrate £25 Boots

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DKNY Homewares

Ok, so I know that this blog is only meant to talk about beauty and fashion, but I just couldn’t resist getting overly excited about Donna Karan’s new Home ware collection coming to you in June.  We all Know her for her amazing pieces in the fashion industry and now we can have a piece of her in our living room! The line will be exclusively sold at Harrods.

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Bringing you the best from Browns…

There are some amazing upsides to working for a consumer magazine, you’re always finding out interesting things that you otherwise would not have come across. Here are the latest and greatest of what has been sent to my inbox from Browns…

Sleeping Beauty by Camilla Morton, illustrated by Christian Lacroix £13

Club Monaco Tessa Silk Baseball jacket £280

Jill Sander large silk twill floral market bag £335

Hermione de Paula floral rose silk chiffon dress £965

Suno cotton fruit print dress £535

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Wearable Art

Stop the press! Fresh talent is on the go-go! Zelia Horsley has arrived!

Following her studies at Middlesex University, Zelia went on to work in the studios of Kirt Holmes and Simon Harrison Ltd where she both created and produced pieces for Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur. Since then she has had a flood of interest from high end magazines with the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Red magazine vying for a glimpse of her sought after pieces.

Perspex, chains and modern art deco styling is where it’s all at. My favourite design would definitely have to be her black, chained collar necklace. As we all know, collars are all the rage for Spring/Summer 2011 and Zelia’s jewellery hits all the right notes.

Collared necklace £135, $260

Needles and Threads Necklace £156, $190

Stripe Rope Earrings £55, $70

Double Chained Gold Earrings £75, $80

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Call me Louis Armstrong, cause I’m singin’ the blues…

Long live royal blue!!! Maybe it’s the influence of a blue sky on a sunny day, or the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean while on holiday, maybe it’s the Belladonna Blue Delphinium flowers that pop up in the Heath across the road… all I know is that when the heat hits me, blue is all I want to see. I simply LOVE the colour in Spring and Summer. Light blue, cobalt blue, royal blue, sapphire blue, Egyptian blue, electric blue.. you name it, I’ll take it.

When I lay my eyes on Rodarte’s embroidered tulle and silk chiffon dress, my heart skipped several beats and I’m pretty sure I even blushed.

Like every other person interested in fashion, I quickly became obsessed with Kate and Laura Mulleavy and all they had to offer this industry. They cemented their high fashion status with their fine creations for Swan Lake and ever since, they have been kicking goals left, right and centre. Chloe Sevigny wore a similar version of the magical blue dress from Rodarte’s Spring 2011 collection to the ‘Big Love’ premiere in LA and looked completely chic!

Also on my hit list of blues is Vivienne Westwood’s Turquoise Line Logomania Shopper Bag, Bolongaro Trevor’s Zizzy Wrap Dress and Daisy Jewellery’s Blue Throat Chakra… sorry credit card!

Rodarte embroidered tulle and printed silk-chiffon dress £7,680

Chloe Sevigny at the Premiere of ‘Big Love’

Vivienne Westwood Turquoise Line Bag £395

Daisy Jeweller Blue Throat Chakra £85

Bolongaro Trevor Dress £220

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Time To Fake Your Bake

London is having the hottest April in recorded history, so it’s time to get those pins out. The idea may be daunting and the shiny glare off your legs may leave you feeling a tad hesitant, but with a little help from the best fake bakes out there, you can wear your shorts with pride.

Personally I find any tan in a bottle to fit in one of three categories: orange, cheap or expensive. The key to a new category call AMAZING (ta-dah!!!) is mixing brands. My fail proof favourite mix is St Tropez Bronzing Lotion and Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream. I like to have my top half a little lighter than my bottom half, generally my rule is darkest at the legs and lighter as I move up, hence I never use anything but Dior Bronze Self Tan Face Natural Glow on my face. It gives the same effect as a darker tinted moisturiser, without the sheen.

If you would prefer to have a simple illuminator to your skin with subtle gold tones, instead of the full on tan, I would highly recommend Nars’ Body Illuminator in Laguna. It gives creamy white skin a hint of glow, the typical tan you would get from London, not a week in Ibiza.

St Tropez Self Tanning Bronzer £20 Boots, $43.95


Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream £21 Boots, $45


 Dior Bronze Self Tan Face Natural Glow £22 Boots, $35.50


Nars Body Illuminator £33 Boots, $58

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