Head up in the Hollywood Hills

I know the whole fashion world at the moment is going !nuts! for the 70s, what with the high waisted, flared jeans and pussy bows, but I must say, I’m really vibing off the 1940s.

Metallics, glitter, sequins and old hollywood waves in the hair… that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!! There’s nothing sexier than Lauren Bacall’s smouldering eyes or Rita Hayworth’s pout. Feminine, incandescent and powerful, it’s enough to take any person’s breath away.

Lately I have been eyeing off a lot of Halston Heritage in hopes of attaining that glamorous aura the women of those times seemed to effortlessly ooze. I’m desperate to doll myself up ‘Black and White movie styles’ and head to the cocktail bar at Hix, but it’s just not proving to be that simple. It seems the fashion world is yet to turn back time and embrace the screen siren wardrobes, so I have a choice of forking out over £500 for a dress, or… forking out £500 for a dress. Why oh why do I always like a trend that’s not a trend!

Rita Hayworth as GIlda

Lauren Bacall in the Big Sleep

Halston Heritage £515 Selfridges


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