Call me Louis Armstrong, cause I’m singin’ the blues…

Long live royal blue!!! Maybe it’s the influence of a blue sky on a sunny day, or the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean while on holiday, maybe it’s the Belladonna Blue Delphinium flowers that pop up in the Heath across the road… all I know is that when the heat hits me, blue is all I want to see. I simply LOVE the colour in Spring and Summer. Light blue, cobalt blue, royal blue, sapphire blue, Egyptian blue, electric blue.. you name it, I’ll take it.

When I lay my eyes on Rodarte’s embroidered tulle and silk chiffon dress, my heart skipped several beats and I’m pretty sure I even blushed.

Like every other person interested in fashion, I quickly became obsessed with Kate and Laura Mulleavy and all they had to offer this industry. They cemented their high fashion status with their fine creations for Swan Lake and ever since, they have been kicking goals left, right and centre. Chloe Sevigny wore a similar version of the magical blue dress from Rodarte’s Spring 2011 collection to the ‘Big Love’ premiere in LA and looked completely chic!

Also on my hit list of blues is Vivienne Westwood’s Turquoise Line Logomania Shopper Bag, Bolongaro Trevor’s Zizzy Wrap Dress and Daisy Jewellery’s Blue Throat Chakra… sorry credit card!

Rodarte embroidered tulle and printed silk-chiffon dress £7,680

Chloe Sevigny at the Premiere of ‘Big Love’

Vivienne Westwood Turquoise Line Bag £395

Daisy Jeweller Blue Throat Chakra £85

Bolongaro Trevor Dress £220


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