In Fine Form

Lately I have discovered luxury brand Caudalie, especially their Contouring Concentrate (thank you beauty cupboard!). Marketed as essential oils to contour your thighs, hips and buttocks (yes, the packaging says buttocks) and help refine your silhouette while reducing the appearance of dimples, this oil essentially promises to sculpt your butt.

So with Summer poking it’s head in and out of the London door and my holiday to Ibiza just around the corner, I thought I would test out this so called miracle oil…

It works! I kid you not… It really works. After only one week of using it once a day (morning time in my case) I have noticed a significant difference. Sure, to everyone else my derriere probably looks the same, but to me its on a whole new level. My skin is smoother and more taught and feels like absolute silk.

Whether the key is in massage (a proven stimulant to get rid of cellulite) or in the ingredients, that’s debatable, all I know is that when I run out of it, I will be scouring the beauty cupboard for more!

Caudalie Contouring Concentrate £25 Boots


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