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Super cute to Boot

Peter Phillips, creative director at Chanel and super brainchild, has created a completely unique beauty campaign… meet the Chanel robots. Designed with individual pieces of Chanel makeup, these robots celebrate the uber-lush brand’s latest beauty pack.

“A few years ago I made these small robots, that were part of a head piece I created for a tribal make-up shooting that’s where the idea first came from,” Phillips said. “I then had the chance to play with these characters and do an animation, that’s how my small robots came to life.”

These wonderous little guys and girls have caused quite a sensation since taking over 2 windows at Selfridges. However, if you’d prefer to see them in all their glory from the comfort of your couch, simply visit the Chanel website and watch them come to life. They will rocket through balloons powered by Rouge lipstick, dangle from spider webs, jump up and down with excitement, strike a pose and generally blow your mind! All in a days work for a man with a sense of boundless creativity.


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Long live Dior!!!

When I think of the Dior woman, naturally a French goddess comes to mind, swathed in luxurious fabrics topped off with an outlandish, yet ultra sophisticated piece of millinery. So it’s only fitting that they should bring out time and time again, exquisitely beautiful art craft in the form of eye shadow palettes. I’m sure every woman in the world praised their lucky stars when Dior created the animal print palette, seemlessly perfect for any skin shade.

Hence the reason I fell off my chair and squeeled with excitement when I found out that this season’s iconic makeup tribute to the Lady Dior bag and a collector’s piece in the making will be available from Selfridges on the 15th July for £61.50 a pop… that is, if you ever make it through the waiting list. Oh to be famous.

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As Fat Bastard said, ‘I’m dead hot sexy’ or at least I will be…

Who knew that there was a demand to look good while resting in your coffin? In one of the most interesting, twisted and yet exciting collaborations, Cult beauty brand Illamasqua has launched an after-life make-up service, titled ‘The Final Act of Self Expression”. Run by Illamasqua make-up artists in conjunction with one of the oldest and most respected funeral homes in the UK, Leverton & Sons, this service is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

Potential clients for whom make-up is an intimate part of their identity are invited to pre-plan their “final transformation” and “last glamorous look” applied by Illamasqua beauty professionals who have been specially trained in embalming by the funeral house.

“At Levertons we have always applied make-up when requested by family and friends or when specified in someone’s pre-arranged funeral,” explains Andrew Leverton, director of Levertons & Sons, “We are now entering a new era in [which] pre-arranged funerals have become as standard as making a will, it’s great for us to be able to offer this additional service.”

The British brand’s co-managing director Joe Corre, founder of Agent Provocateur, describes the business move as “an innovative service bringing ritual beauty to the final act for those who love to self-express”. Surely filling a gap in the market, Illamasqua is a relatively new beauty firm, founded in 2008 by Julian Kynaston, a Yorkshire-born marketer who launched the brand with no previous experience in make-up, but has quickly made an impact.

For a cool £450 Illamasqua is offering people an extremely personal service – “one that pays tribute to who they were in life and how they want to enter the afterlife.” So if you’re going to choose whether your casket is mahogany and your lining is satin, why not  ask yourself whether it will be the smoky eye or the red lips.

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