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Experimenting with Dip Dye

Festival fever has hit a beauty note with dip dyed hair all the rage… peroxide blonde dipped in pink, red dipped in blue, blue dipped in peroxide blonde. The question is, when does it look good, when does it look trashy and where should I get it done?

Our favourite fashionistas Alexa Chung, Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Bilson started off the craze with a more subdued look, way back when, but It was only a matter of time till we became more adventurous and in touch with our teenage years. The ‘wild childs’ of our generation paved the way for a more outrageous do. Nicki Minaj dipped her golden locks in several colours, while Peaches Geldof and Kate Bosworth got in touch with the blues and Drew Barrymore dabbled hers in black. Notoriously experimental Lady Gaga hit a high note with grey hues dipped in blue but mustn’t have received the memo that platinum blonde dipped in egg yolk yellow doesn’t quite… ahhh… work.

Abbey Lee Kershaw recently gave us a reason to dip our hair without looking so outrageous. I mean, the girl can do no wrong and proved it once again in an editorial for Vogue Australia where she uncovered her light brown hair that had been dipped into a pot of Schiaparelli pink.

What ever your flavour, just remember, you MUST get it done professionally and speaking from personal experience, this transformation normally takes up to 6 hours, so make sure you want to make the commitment before you head in guns blazing. If you want to colour block your hair, you will have to use a highlift tint or bleach to lighten the ends before you apply the colour intensity you are comfortable with.

Alternatively, you can ask for a graduation dip dye. This style can be carried off by anyone because it has more depth and variation working with darker skin tones through to light skin tones and any eye colour. The key is to ask your hairdresser for a light brown base, with golden highlights and some baby blonde highlights focussed on the end. If you would prefer to have a different hue, you can follow the same rules of obvious progression, for example deep red graduated to strawberry blonde tips.

Keep in mind that whenever you lighten your hair, you are causing damage to it, so make sure you follow up with a series of weekly conditioning treatments.




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