Budding lips

New York fashion week had many highs but one thing I couldn’t help but be magnetically drawn to was the Prabel Gurung show where Charlotte Tilbury worked her magic and created an enchanting image of flower blooming lips. Bold magenta pink with a splash of deep purple made for an exotic twist to the faces of the models strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Never one to shy away from trying out the latest trends in beauty and fashion, I quickly found myself on the tube heading to Selfridges to buy a bright Armani Rouge d’Armani HOT in 520 (£23) and a MAC Burgundy Lipmix (£9.50) to dab in the centre. Considering the ‘flower lip’ is such a grand feature on it’s own, I kept the rest of my face simple with only a lick of mascara and my hair swept up into a top knot. The question was… could I pull it off or not?

As I looked in the mirror I felt reminiscent of the days when I was young and used to suck on purple and blue icy-poles that left my mouth looking much the same. The several quirky looks that I got when I stepped onto the street had me feeling a little nervous, but when I finally met my friends for a drink and they oohh-ed and ahh-ed over the unique look, my confidence soared. I had a fabulous evening out at a concert, feeling like quite the rocker… the only down side was my husband’s refusal to kiss me. He never really has liked the taste of flowers.

Prabel Gurung NYC 2012





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