Silver Screen Siren

Everyone is going mental for the 1940s and although I had my moment a few months ago (see earlier post about the rise of the 1940s look), I’m still rocking the makeup. Nothing will ever scream GLAMOUR more than perfectly painted red lips, liquid black eyeliner and curled black fat lashes.

Generally the rule of thumb in everyday beauty is that if you wear a bright or dark lipstick, you avoid detail on the eyes and vice versa. However, to get the true 40s sleek siren look, you must give attention to the doors of your soul. I use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (£15.50, Selfridges), Diorshow Maximiser Lash Plumping Serum (£22, Selfridges) for my eyelash base-coat and Max Factor Masterpiece (£8.99, Selfridges) for long-lasting, clog free lashes. The key is to ensure that the line is seemless, immaculate and not too thick. Start in the centre of your eyelid and move out, finishing the inside of your eye last. By doing this you will avoid having a big blob of liquid eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye. And remember… you are thinking 1940s, not 1960s, so forget the big Bridget Bardot flick!

For the perfect pout, lipliner is a must! My favourite combination is Clinique’s Defining Liner for Lips in Ready or not (£13, Selfridges) and Tom Ford’s Lip Colour in Wild Ginger (£36). I like to colour in my whole lip before smoothing over the lipstick as it not only gives me great coverage, it also gives me a colour I haven’t been able to find yet without combining these two.  Some people really struggle with lipstick and I guess the only thing I can say to that is it all comes down to practice, practice, pratice. I can gloss on a red lippie in 30 seconds, in a cab going over speed bumps with the window reflection as my mirror. Learn whatever technique works for you and continue to use it, you will notice how talented you become.

The final touch is definitely in the blusher. It gives that warmness of grace to your face, but beware, putting too much on and brushing it too far down on your cheeks will age you years. Keep it light, fresh and high. I like to use YSL Creme de Blush in 6 (£28, selfridges). This range has shades that are updated seasonally and don’t disappear within the hour of application.

January Jones


Angelina Jolie


Sienna Miller


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