Au Naturale

So far I would have to say that the best part of being on the beauty team at Harper’s Bazaar has been listening to people throw around their favourite natural home made remedies. My favourites were the brown sugar body scrub, lemon nail cleaner and the oatmeal face mask.

Normally I use brown sugar as a sweetening touch to my porridge, but after reading about the benefits it can add to your skin, I’ll be buying two packs in my grocery shops! Did you know that the tiny particles of brown sugar are the perfect size to remove dead cells without tearing the skin, helping to not only cleanse but tighten your pores. It contains glycolic acid which helps your skin to retain its natural moisture balance while also extracting toxins from the body (much like a pinch of brown sugar in your pasta tomatoe sauce extracts the acidity).

Everyone knows that the avocado is a super food with a wealth of benefits for your well-being, so you can imagine how good avocado oil is! It contains twenty per cent essential unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin and potassium… aka, ‘the youth mineral’. It’s known to be high in sterolins which are reputed to reduce age spots and heal skin damage, it also significantly increases the amount of collagen for the skin and is easily absorbed into the deep tissue thanks to its wonderful emollient properties, not to mention that there are too many nourishing compounds to list, so just know that it’s amazing for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. Phew! So finally, here is the super easy recipe – simply one part avocado oil to two parts brown sugar. Simple!

Moving on to the BEST way to clean your nails. Forget picking under them. Ewww! No-one wants to watch you flicking away at the dirt you’ve picked up touching things. Simply grab a lemon, cut into wedge and softly scrub under and on top of the nails for 10 minutes, as though you are using a nail brush. Lemons are naturally rich with fruit acids, which means you will be naturally bleaching your tips to a whiter shade and the anti-oxidants found in lemon juice are transferred directly into your nails, leaving them stronger.

Personally, after breaking out due to the weather change, I was in desperate need of something natural for my skin. Dermalogica and Dr Lewins still remain close friends of my bathroom cabinet, but my skin felt like it was missing something organic. So when I overheard Katy Young talking about the benefits of oatmeal, I just had to try for myself and what a result!

Oatmeal has long been used to flush out dead skin cells, enhance texture and get rid of acne. But my skin problems lay more in the area of dryness, so as an extra little tip, I was told to replace the water element with soy milk for a nourishing alternative. So here is one of the famous and somewhat delicious recipes for you to try at home.

1 ounce of purified mineral water (or soy milk)

3 tbs plain organis oatmeal (grinded in a coffe grinder for easy application)

1 tbsp honey

Combine all ingredients and mix into a thick paste, add more milk if needed, as the end result should be a smooth paste.

Voila! There is your natural body over-haul.


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