Hitting the Bottle

Oscar de la Renta is set to launch his latest female fragrance Live in Love. The faceted glass bottle was designed by Oscar de la Renta himself, and the new scent opens with ginger orchid and bergamot, merged with hyacinth, green muguet and galbanum. It has a heart of florals, including jasmine sambac, orange flower and rose, while white woods and musk intertwine with amber, while sandalwood and cedarwood at the base.

So in celebration of yet another exquisite scent coming on the market, I thought I would share my current favourite scents. Now… I generally love most scents. I can twirl in pretty fragrances, dance in fruity punches and party in sensual musks. Most of my choices are based on the design of the bottle, purely because I like to line up all of my fragrances in my bathroom for guests to spritz and enjoy… after all, sharing is caring.

As quite a girly girl, hitting the top of my list of new favourites is the fragrance from Valentino, Valentina Eau de Parfum. With it’s base notes of cedarwood and amber, heart notes of Amalfi Ornage Blossom and Wild Strawberry and top notes of Calabrian Bergamot and Alba Truffle, it exudes feminity thanks to classic Italian zesty essences and luxurious ingredients.

Moving across to a bit of a darker, edgier side is my love for the bottle of Le Freak from the geniuses behind Illamasqua. The team are no strangers to new ideas and pushing boundaries and their new fragrance is no different. I absolutely adore the cut of the bottle…. with an adorable silver snail climbing the angle. It also comes in an extremely stylish dark purple hue, which not only looks great, is also proven to keep fragrances for longer by protecting ‘the juice’ from lights and sun.

And although he has already had a mention (well, he is the whole reason for this post), I do still feel the need to mention Oscar de la Renta’s fragrance Esprit D’Oscar. It has been described as ‘the spirit of femininity re-imagined in a timeless floral-oriental fragrance that is exceptionally feminine and sparkling in spirit’ and although it’s clearly related to the original Oscar de la Renta fragrance of 1977, it still clearly has it’s own personality. The bottle is absolutely beautiful (once again) and the weight of it cements the fact that it is a real piece.


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