Rapunzel Rapunzel

French plait, English braid, Fish braid, Basket weave or Chain mail… one thing is definite, intertwining your hair is hot at the moment. Seen on catwalks the world over, this heidi-like hairstyle will add a touch of femininity to any fashion forward look you’ll be rocking. The key is to leave it whispy and delicate! To get the halo look, part your hair severely to one side. Take three pieces of hair from the part you have created and begin to plait by crossing the middle piece over the last piece and then the last piece over the first. As you begin this process again pick up an extra piece of hair from you part as you plait the first and last pieces of hair.

For a touch of romance try the fishtail plait. Take a section from either side of your face, about 3 cm (or 1″) deep, running from sideburns to temple. Take the new section of hair over the right-hand section and, as you do so, swap to hold the hair down with the left hand at the cross over point. The ends of the sections will naturally fall down the middle and merge with the rest of the hair. With the right hand now free, use it to pick up another new section from the right, cross it over the section from the left, held down in the middle.

For an alternative spin on the trend, take some inspiration from Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 with the basket weave. Divide the hair into seven equal strands – three on either side of the face and one at the centre back. Starting at the right hand side, cross the first strand (The strand nearest the face) over the second strand and then cross the third strand over what is now the second strand. Repeat this on the left hand side and then take the third strand on the right hand side over the central strand, and under the third strand on the left hand side. It sounds complicated but is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.


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