Smell this…

The signature red packaging landed on my desk with the simple words Jo Loves… written in white against a black square and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Dancing in Orange Tulle and spritzing it around the office, I felt quite special.

As you should know (yes, not may know, you should know), Jo Malone created one of the world’s most sought after luxury fragrance brands eponymous with her name and sold it in 1999 to Estee Lauder Companies.

Now, five years on, Jo is once again designing scent and last week saw the individual launches of her four capsule collection, launching the global brand Jo Loves…

Pomelo is clean and crisp with that feeling of fresh linen sheets, with a slight masculine side to it.

Green Orange & Coriander is soulful and sassy with a wonderful clean smell and the marriage between green citrus and herbs, sitting beautifully together to become very sexy.

Orange Tulle is fun and flirty, capturing an element of innocence and youthfulness.

But my favourite is Gardenia. It’s rich and regal scent makes you feel like you’re standing out in a crowd. The creaminess of the petal and distinctive floral note evokes a sense of confidence and pride.


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