Winter Wish List

I have a true appreciate for people who get on the tube in the morning looking throughly exquisite, or effortlessly cool, or down to earth sweet, or all of them combined. They make me enjoy my days so much more and I soon find myself at work logging into my Asos account and burning whatever money I had paid off my credit card.

I wish I could be one of those people like Garance Doré or Scott Schuman who have no qualms with whipping out their camera and snapping away at strangers in all their glory, but I simply can’t get my head around the awkwardness of pointing my iPhone at someone in order to ‘capture the moment’.

So during this week I made an effort to pick at least one item or pairing of items from a fellow traveller and purchase away.

Monday: The week’s task started off a lot easier than I thought it would when a girl stepped onto my carriage at Chalk Farm wearing on-trend polka dot sheer socks teamed with patent Lanvin ballerinas. Be still my heart! Lately the polka dots have been EVERYWHERE, which suffice to say made me turn in the other direction and fall further in love with stripes, but the peek-a-boo effect of spots won me over and I made the decision to pinch her idea and invest.


£295 Lanvin at

Tuesday: If you’ve read any of my other posts you will know that I’m quite a girly girly and I absolutely devour any sort of colour pop, so when I was mid-coffee at Nero on Regents street and an ethereal looking girl swanned in wearing a bright orange shift dress, teamed with a white collarless coat, I made mental note to buy the whole outfit. Later when I was trawling through websites searching for the perfect combination, I noticed she had taken note from one of my style idols, Kate Bosworth. I’ll be swapping my orange for pink!

£32 Next

Theysken's Theory £825

Kate Bosworth 2011

Wednesday: Funnily enough my inspiration came from a guy who literally bumped into me at Itsu while I was buying sushi, splashing his soup on my blouse none the less. Although I was quietly fuming to have dribs and drabs of miso seeping through to my skin, I couldn’t help but think his cords looked ridiculously cool. Luckily the fashion cupboard at Vogue had a spare pair of J Brand’s in aubergine (colour to be launched later in the year) and my card was saved from yet another splurge.

J Brand in Navy £218

Thursday: Crossing the lights this morning, with what resembled sleet slamming me in the face, I was met with a slight happiness when I saw a short girl who resembled a pixie smoking away in her ridiculously cool leather cape. I didn’t really buy into the whole cape look last year, but I couldn’t deny that her bark coloured swath of luxury resembled something I would be likely to see on the runways of Hermes. Noted.

Vera Moda £133

Friday: Today’s inspiration came from a touch of in-house genius when one of the girls couldn’t find a hair tie and used a ribbon that was lying on her desk to tie her hair low on the nape of her neck. I found the improvisation completely inspirational, not to mention on-trend with the whole doll hair style and so blogged about it –

In-house beauty

And that was my week’s winter wish list complete. For now…..


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