Eyeko Fat Eye Sticks

Last Friday the lovely girls from Eyeko came by Conde Nast HQ to talk me through their new Limited Edition Fat Eye Stick range. Unfortunately (due to my extremely energetic kids) it has taken me this long to try them out and I must say, I’m impressed… to a point.

The sticks come in shades of Petrol Blue, Charcoal, Satin Taupe, Chocolate and Old Gold. The easy twist mechanism means you shouldn’t have to sharpen them, but this is where I ran into problems, because once their blunt it’s up to you to figure out a way to make them usable again (I used a knife). Please remember, these are FAT sticks and are not intended for fine lines.

The colour is, thanks to its rich pigments, intense on first application and the texture is soft and creamy, making it easy to glide on and blend or smudge, however it had moved within minutes, leaving some parts darker than others and causing build up in the socket. Upon my second trial, with the use of both a primer base and setting powder, it stayed put for a few hours. Success!

All in all, I think they have nailed the colours (especially the Old Gold for night and Satin Taupe for day) BUT you will have to invest in some primer and setting powder to make this a worth while purchase, considering they are £10 a pop.


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