It’s In Your Eyes…

I’m just about to hit the town with my hubby, so I thought I might try out a new trend. Kohl, liquid or gel, I love a dark eye. Flick, smudge, paint, my oh my. You could say that eyeliner is the little black dress when it comes to makeup. I love adding a smudge of brown eyeliner on my bottom eyelids to create a bit of depth, or a flick of liquid liner channeling that seductive kitten look and unleashing my inner femme fatale. If I’m feeling a tad more smouldering, a smoky eye never goes astray, but the one I’m currently falling for is the graphic trend seen on the Autumn/Winter 2011 catwalks.

I’m the type who gets bored with a look easily. So it didn’t take me long to embrace a trend that literally draws outside the line! Signal Louis Vuitton and Costume National where lines were elevated above the socket creases. I’ll be wearing the trend a little more subdued but still looking edgy.

I call mine ‘The Flying Kitten’ because it uses the cat-eye approach and the wings are left open. Using my favourite eyeliner, Bobbi Brown’s gel, teamed with my trusty Revlon eyeliner brush I started at the centre of my top eyelid and flicked outwards as I normally would when doing a ‘cat-eye’. By starting in the middle, this ensured that my thickest point was from there on and not in the corner of the eye, where it should be especially thin. Topping up a tiny bit of BB gel, I then went from the centre again and came down to the inside of my eye, going a little further and continuing with the angle of my eye to create a more sultry look.

Now… if you’re like me, you will find doing the bottom lash line with gel eyeliner a pain the … (I’ll let you finish that sentence). I like to ‘dot’ my bottom lash line with the tip of my eyeliner brush, sort of like a tattoo gun, all the way to the corner and then smooth a line out and up. Make sure you angle upwards, it will open your eyes. The key to creating a dashing graphic look is to make sure your two lines are significantly long and parallel. I like to make the bottom line a tad longer than the top to create a exaggerate the feline look. Have a cotton tip soak in warm water on hand for any accidents.

And Voila! Team it with some fur or leather and you’ll knock ’em dead.

If you don’t fancy giving your hand the steady test, you can purchase Dior’s Velvet Eyes Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches (wow… long enough name?)

£47 from Selfridges


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