If I could Turn Back Time…

This afternoon was spent attending the Clinique launch of their new Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream in the ever-so modern Sanderson Hotel. As I walked through the doors, I took a few cheeky looks into the pumping bar (it was only 4:15pm… oh how I love London) to see If I could spot any celebs. No such luck, so I made my way up to the 5th floor.

After a refreshing drink and a dip into the catering (God I’m a pig!) we sat down with our full attention directed to the presentation. That word that no-one ever wants to hear was the first uttered. Ageing! Ugh. We all know very well that as the years progress, our collagen and elastin production decreases and gravity has it’s way with our faces. Lines and wrinkles are only the half of it, so we are now looking for something that will also lift and firm. !!!Thank you Repairwear!!!

Containing a team of ingredients that use signalling technology to help visibly rebuild and volumise the skin, Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream claims to provide essential energy to the cells in three layers. The base layer provides the foundation to which the matrix of collagen and elastin fibres attach. The middle layer offers structural support with a blend of botanical extracts, proteins and peptides to help develop, strengthen and maintain your skin’s natural collagen and elastin network and the top layer provides the all important bounce, helping the skin to remain hydrated. Phew!

After receiving my goodie bag, I went to the bathroom to try it on and wasn’t surprised to find it absolutely pleasant. I only had to use a small amount of product to cover my whole face and it felt thick in texture, absorbed quickly and after being whipped by London wind on my walk home, I can still feel it’s barrier 3 hours later. Oh and did I mention the illuminating factor? Seriously sparkling skin!

Although my skin did feel tighter as the product was absorbed, it’s obviously going to take a few weeks to see if the results work on my guinea pig… MUM???

Available exclusively at Selfridges and Brown Thomas from the 2nd March and nationwide at Clinique counters from 16th March 2012.

Time machine in a pot?

Take the plunge

Why does my left hand always reap the benefits?


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