Lip Stain Limits

One thing I can’t stand is having to reapply my lipstick 20 minutes after putting it on. Or worse, having that ‘I just spent an hour pashing a boy’ look, without even having the fun! Lip stains are having a serious ‘moment’ right now, from the glamorous thick pout to the just bitten look, so I decided to have a week of stained lips to see which ones could stand the test of time.

First up was Sleek Make-up’s ‘Pout Paint’. I was instantly won over by the small size of it, which will be perfect to fit in my clutch during party season. The product was strong in pigment and thick giving great coverage, but I had to use a lip brush to apply so I could avoid stained finger tips. Although the formula is matte, it didn’t feel overly dry and it lasted me a good 6 hours.


Next up was NYC’s ‘Smooch Proof’ lip stain which comes in a marker form (it literally looks like a felt marker). I was quite dissapointed with this product. I had to apply several layers to get good pigment and although it promises to last 16 hours, it didn’t even last me more than 2.

NYC Smooch Proof

I had a lot of fun with Stila’s ‘Raspberry Crush’, not only does it have a great twist base/pen brush application, the nourishing formula contains potent antioxidents, vitamins and fruit extracts that react to your pH levels and give you a personalised hue. The texture is much like a lipgloss and smells amazing! I popped it on just before lunch, but unfortunately it wasn’t there after the hour.


What to say about Maybelline’s ‘Colour Sensational’? Well… it’s anything but sensational. This marker form lip stain didn’t last 30 minutes.


Model Co.’s Cheek and Lip tint was a bit difficult to apply without any sort of applicator accompanying the product. The transparent gel delivered an instant pinched rosey, natural stain to both my lips and cheeks (much like my very loved Soap & Glory Cheekmate that I have used a number of times throughout this blog) but I wouldn’t use this product by itself based on the lack of colour it provided. The advantage is that it lasted on my lips and cheeks for 3 hours.

£15 boots

Pop’s ‘Stay Stain’ looks like a marker and smells like one. It was so potent that I was actually a bit scared to put it on my lips. That said, it didn’t smudge and lasted a good 2 hours.


Now this one was one of my favourites! Jemma Kidd’s ‘JK Red Carpet Tint and Gloss’ comes in a nifty dual ended design, with a roller ball liquid stain on one end and a sheer gloss on the other, so it doesn’t end up feeling as dry as the others. Although I had to apply 2 layers to my lips for my desired colour, I felt ready to party (at work) and it lasted from morning through past lunch and looked amazing.


YSL’s ‘Glossy Stain’ won me over the minute I took it out of the packaging… so it helped that I only had to top up once during the day. In fact it was a little hard to take off when I got home, even with make-up remover. The product resembled a thick, matte lipgloss with a creamy finish, glided on smoothly and after a few seconds set it place. It’s lightweight and didn’t feel dry, so it was a winner all round for me.

In stores February 14th 2012


BUT!!!…If you can’t possibly live without your favourite lipstick, there is an alternative. Brush on Lipcote after applying your lipstick and blotting any excess product with a tissue. Leave your mouth open while it dries and then voila! You’re lipstick is sealed.





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2 responses to “Lip Stain Limits

  1. Being new to lipsticks and all, lip stains are definitely a favourite with me. I tried the Revlon Just Bitten and to be honest wasn’t impressed, gave a touch of colour but the application was so difficult!

    After reading this post I’ll be sure to check out Sleek and Jemma Kidd, so thanks! Plus Lipcote because when I do feel brave enough to bring out the lippies, re-application is something I don’t want to have to do often


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