Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Get ready all you cat lovers!!! Paul and Joe’s Spring 2012 collection can only be described as absolutely purr-fect, with their chic collection of seasonal must-haves and lustrous colours encased in their famous feline-influenced packaging. In honour of Paul & Joe’s 10th anniversary, all spring 2011 items are inspired by designer, Sophie Albou’s love of cats.

£19.50 in Siamese Please, Kittycat and Purrfect.

The Face & Eye Colour palettes include a trio of contrasting textures – matte, pearlescent and shiny – to give you that perfect look makeup artists seem to effortlessly create. What’s more, these dual purpose palettes can be blended onto cheeks with brush and used as a blush.

£16 in Sex Kitten, Meow! and Catwalk

If you’re after sex-kitten lips, look no further than their Lipstick C. Available in beige, natural pink and vibrant coral, the airy, matte finish gives the lips a sultry, soft focus look.

£21 in Glamour Puss, Minou and Catfight

My favourite piece of the collection would have to be the cat-shaped creamy powder blusher sticks. It glides onto the cheeks for a flawless complexion, so get into the true spirit of everything feline by drawing three whisker lines on your cheeks and blending in well. The only hurdle to get over is to stop staring at them and actually use them!

£16 Waterproff Gel Eyeliner

Now, I’m a lover of gel eyeliners and I really don’t believe a makeup line is complete without one, so I’m uber excited about this super pretty waterproof gel eyeliner. This little pot is infused with Quick Dry Oil to ensure even application that dries in a flash and Lasting Film Polymers that form a waterproof coat. It also comes with a tapered flat brush – perfect to create cat-eye flicks.

£28 Matte Pressed Powder

Leave  a lasting impression with their matte pressed powder, designed with an adorable cat print. The weightless, luxurious texture contains a Spicy Beige shade to contour your face, surrounded by a translucent Clear Beige that leaves your skin looking matte, shine-free and flawless.

£10 in Tigress, Kitten Claws and Manekineko

Last but not least… Remember to get your paws ready for Spring with Paul & Joe’s nail enamels, available in a nude beige, soft and flirty pink.







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