A Touch of Magic : Collection Inspired by Disney’s Tinker Bell

Today I attended the Pixi Glow launch of A Touch of Magic at their flagship store in Fouberts Place and was immediately transported to the days I used to  wear a snipped green dress with my hair in a bun pretending to be Tinkerbell. Everything in the store matched the colour scheme for the new launch, even the pistachio Laduree macaroons (they are absolutely mouth watering!).

The collection took shape as Petra Strand, makeup artist and Pixi creator, worked with Disney character artist, John Quinn, to re-imagine the Tinker Bell of our fond childhood memories. The result? A classic, vintage-inspired, beaming collection that my daughter is completely head-over heels for.

The lovely vintage Tinkerbell

Included is a ‘Fairy Dust’  with loose glimmering pigments that lit up her eyes with a high shine finish and ‘Magic Tink Tint’ which is a super-nourishing gel crayon (which reacts to your lips’ pH level to deliver a personlaized pink tint) – the perfect subtle shade for a young girl.

£10 in Moonlight Luster

Thrilled to have Tinker dust on her eyes

£12 in Happy Thoughts

Perfect shade of pink

Personally I got into the ‘Catching Shadows Crayon’ which has light reflectors to define and highlight cheekbones and the ‘Straight on Till Morning Liners’ which were impossible to take off, let alone smudge, not to mention the peek-a-boo glimmer which was quite fun to play with.

£12 in Beaming Reflection


£9.50 in 2nd Star Twinkle

And don’t even get me started with the ‘Fairy Face Palette’. My little girl squealed her head off when she saw the packaging, so you can imagine the noise levels when I opened it up to reveal a tinker kit containing 5 eye colours, a 3-colour blush palette, 5 lip creams + duo eye applicator, blush brush and duo lip applicator. Phew! Let’s just say, glasses could have broken.

£32 in Pixi Belle

To be completely honest, I’m not sure that this collection will be featuring in my makeup bag, but I will surely be wrapping a few pieces up for my daughter and her friends for Christmas.



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2 responses to “A Touch of Magic : Collection Inspired by Disney’s Tinker Bell

  1. i die for laduree macaroons! they are the absolute best! and i love your blog! xx

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