Eye Envy

Today we received these little beauties from Color On Professional. It seems everyone is getting stuck into the stick-on makeup, but these have been touted as a million times better than any other brand. LOOK’s Beauty Assistant, Sam, and I decided to give them a whirl at our desks and after keeling over laughing for a good half an hour, I felt the need to post on my blog and warn you that stick on makeup will never be as good as the real thing…

Each little pack comes with a promise of being crease proof, long wearing, hypo-allergenic and easy to apply. Although it lives up to all of these things, it’s still a product that I will probably only turn to when I want my makeup done in seconds, or in some sort of camouflage zebra print.

The application is extremely straight forward, you simply place the patch on your eyelid, smooth the back of it, peel away and blend. A setting powder is essential, because the product itself is super sticky, in fact, it almost feels like lipgloss on your eyelids. My choice of neutral colours looked quite good, but Sam’s choice of silver and black had us in fits of laughter all afternoon. I’m still giggling as I type this.


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