Wet Wet Wet

I often slick back my hair for a glamorous yet masculine look, so I was quite happy to see that I was on ‘trend’ as far as the autumn/winter runways were concerned. Firstly it needs to be said… there is a big difference between your hair looking wet and your hair looking dirty! The key is to put enough product in your hair to look damp all the way down to mid length and leave the ends dry and clean, like your hair would naturally look as it dried.

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week Redken’s Hardwear 16 was all the rage and Just-Out-Of-The-Shower Hair Gel by Khiel’s works a treat, but I used Bumble & Bumble’s gellac because once it’s in, it’s in. There’s no brushing it out, it literally freezes shapes with a glistening finish, so your hair looks wet all day long.

Not only is it super easy to maintain it’s also versatile. Try flicking it to the side, putting it into a bun (messy or tamed) or slick straight back.


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