Perfect Puckers

When ever Winter pokes it’s dreary head around the corner, my lips suffer and there’s nothing I hate more than a less than perfect pout. Luckily, working in the beauty department means I get to observe some of the best makeup artists in the bizz doing their thing on photo shoots. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade for smooth and full looking lips. You will need a toothbrush, lip brush, lip balm, lip pencil and highlighting creme.

Step one – exfoliate. Yes. Lips are just like your body and really benefit from a little scrub every day. Exfoliating not only removes all the dead skin cells, it also promotes blood circulation, so you’ll be sure to notice beautiful red lips within days. Moving in small circular motions, polish your lips with a dry, soft toothbrush every night before bed. Lush (£4.95 do a great ‘Bubblegum Lip Scrub’ for extra silky soft smackers.

Step two – Moisturize with a lip balm every morning for protection against harsh weather and every night before bed for intensive treatment. I’m currently loving Bach’s Rescue Balm (£5.89 and Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tube (£3.69 because they tend to work better than most chapsticks.

Step three – Using a lip pencil (Kjaer Weis – and a highlighting creme (MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot £13.50 highlight your philtral columns, the ridges in between your upperlip and nose, and blend. White pencil works well too.

Step four – Outline and fill your lips with your chosen shade. Darker shades will make your lips look smaller, so opt for a natural colour. Slightly extend your natural lip line, by drawing on the outter edge and fill in any areas necessary for a symmetrical look.

Step five – Highlight your cupid’s bow to define the shape of your lips. This is what EVERY makeup artist does for a flawless look, but make sure you don’t go on to your vermillon border.

Step six – Dab some highlighter in the middle of your bottom lip. The reflective particles focus the light to give you the ultimate Angelina Jolie pout.

Step seven – Finally apply an all over clear lip gloss and air kiss till the sun don’t shine!


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