Percy & Reed Hair Care

What’s a girl to do when she finds the perfect hair products… uses them all up within weeks and then realises she’s spent all of her pennies on make up again???? Scream SH!!!!!!!!T and cry into her pillow!

I finally found an oil serum that never made my hair look greasy, no matter how much of the stuff I combed through it, and a shampoo that gave my hair so much oomph I could take on Dolly Parton, but now it’s all gone. I have super fine hair, so I have to wash it EVERY single day to get the slightest bounce, but these products are like magic. One wash gives me enough volume to last for days. It’s like a salon in packaging. It’s like crack for hair… you NEED the next hit. Oh how I have enjoyed cruising down the street each day looking salon sassy.

This morning I had to use the ‘normal’ shampoo and conditioner (I won’t name names) and felt like putting a bag over my head as little fly aways tried to escape – god only knows where they’re always flying to.

So now I have to wait for my delivery of goddess worthy products. In the mean-time, I have a feeling I’ll be embracing the ponytail like never before.

 Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner £30, $37.20

Bodifying Cream £14, $17.30

Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil £14 , $17.30

Superglossing Mask £18, $22.30


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