MAC Muppet: Miss Piggy

“Nice to meet you”.

“Yeah… nice to meet me too.”

And she flicked her blonde locks with a hand controlled by sticks.

I’m talking about Miss Piggy of course who graced our offices with her presence today. And boy oh boy, she didn’t disappoint!

A flurry of excitement surged through Grazia when we sneaked a peek of the divalicious muppet. Not only was she dressed to the nines, she had her personal makeup artist on hand too… and yes… she got her ‘makeup’ done for hours in another room while we all waited with baited breath.

Personally, I grew up completely infatuated with Miss Piggy, Kermit and their fabulous fuzzy friends, so when I heard that the pretty porker was to have her own makeup line with MAC I cheered while others jeered. After all, she is an iconic actress, supermodel chanteuse, muse and cinema, television and broadway superstar!

Fittingly, the line includes the absolute essentials for such a sultry swine, consisting of  a Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow (£11.50), Rapid Black eyeliner (£14) and 36 Lash fake lashes (£10), available in February 2012. You can see the glamour goddess in Disney’s The Muppets in cinemas on the 10th February.


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