Daisy by Marc Jacobs: Petite Flowers on the Go

Don’t you love those little tester perfumes you score at the beauty counter? I do. I collect them, because I love being able to have a spritz handy if I need one and there’s no way I’m carrying around a 100ml bottle of my favourite perfume. I tried that… the lid came off… and let’s just say my bag smelled very nice but that didn’t make up for the lump I felt in my throat as I realised my £60 bottle of Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb had literally wasted itself throughout my bag.

The problem is, there’s just never quite enough in those little testers and before I know it, I’m heading back to the counter only to be told that they’ve “run out”. Embarrassing! I guess I’m becoming a regular customer for the good free stuff. Not any more! Marc Jacobs is set to launch his Daisy fragrance (definitely in my top 5 list of favourite perfumes) in a new, fresh way come the 4th of April. I give you the irresistable and totally portable, Petite flowers on the go.

With a wink to the original daisy bottle, these portable posies are encased with chic rubber petals to ensure the glass capsule is safe in the centre and with a lid that fits so super snug that you actually have to give a good yank to pull it off, you won’t be having any accidents in your clutch.

The original Daisy, classic with it’s sparkling floral bouquet of wild strawberry, violet leaves, ruby grapefruit, gardenia, musk, white woods and vanilla infusion,  pops in white; while Daisy Eau So Fresh, with it’s bright, elegant fruity fragrance charms in pink.

These are limited editions, so grab a bouquet while their still in season!

£25 – www.daisymarcjacobs.co.uk 


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