My Love Affair With Decleor

I have a confession to make. I’ve been cheating on all of my other products with Decleor… in fact… it’s become my main love over the past month. It all started when I found their Aromessence Essential Balm in the beauty cupboard. Now, I know a lot about the brand Decleor and the amazing concotions they create, but I must admit I am always wary of products that cost an arm and a leg. For some reason, I’m determined to find something that will offer the same results for half the price. That said, I just don’t think I could find a product to match the quality of Decleor for the price at which they sell.  In fact, I would put this brand up there with Crème de la Mer and Carita.

You know I’m a sucker for oils, but I’m always on the look out for something else that will quench the thirst of my skin yet not make it greasy. The beauty of this particular balm is the way it dissolves into the skin quickly. I despise beauty balms that sit on the surface of my skin for hours after I apply it. After a few days of applying Decleor’s balm on my face, I noticed that my skin was calm, balanced and softer. I couldn’t very well stop there, so off to the beauty cupboard I went to find more…

I couldn’t go past something that was called Hydra-Floral Anti-Pollution Flower Nectar Moisturising Cream. It claims to provide a continuous “drip-feed” hydration, reinforced by the technology of aquaporins, true “water channels” and is combined with an anti-pollution plant active ingredient to protect the skin against harsh environmental elements.

Lately I have been using this as my daily moisturiser and my skin feels like cashmere, which could be due to the Néroli Essential Oil or maybe the Hazelnut Plant Oil or perhaps the Mint and Orange Blossom Floral Waters, Shea Butter, Plant Squalane or Provitamine B5 contained in it.

At night time I have been using their Excellence De L’Age Sublime Regenerating Cream. Although they recommend to apply it in the morning, I wash my face too many times during the day to justify slapping on a £94.50 cream time and time again. Instead, I like to apply it just before bed so that it can sink in for a good 8 hours. It combines a Phyto-Age Complex with a cocktail of 4 Essential Oils to act directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigmentation irregularities. When it comes to anti-aging creams, I tend to focus on my neck and décolletage – the areas we seem to forget, but show signs of aging much earlier than the face.

I also like to follow a very simple rule which is to use an eye cream separate to my daily moisturiser. I apply eye creams twice a day to keep clear of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The Excellence De L’Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream has cemented itself as a favourite of mine. For years now I have been applying ant-wrinkle eye creams to not only my eyes, but the areas on my forehead where I might one day get frown lines (of which I don’t have any yet- thank god!) and the areas around my mouth, mainly my cupid’s bow, to keep fine lines at bay. This magical little cream not only states that I’m meant to use it exactly how I’ve been using other eye creams for the past few year; but also contains Aurone Extract which has a lipo-filling effect, meaning the areas you apply it to will be getting a concentrated dose of firming agents. Sounds better to me than needles!

Aromessence Essential Balm – £32.50/ $37AUD

Hydra-Floral Anti-Pollution Flower Nectar Moisturising Cream – £39.80/ $58.50AUD

Excellence De L’Age Sublime Regenerating Cream – £94.50/ $139.50AUD

Excellence De L’Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream – £53.50/ $70.50AUD


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