Knotty Hair

I’m really digging knotty hair at the moment… and no, I don’t mean the kind you get when you don’t brush your hair for days on end.

This style is such a simple, but interesting way to do your hair and takes all of 2 minutes. So here’s how to knot your hair the right way.

Brush your hair into the part you want to have (I tend to go for a side part, but sometimes I just brush it all back).

Separate your hair into two sections and twist each section away from the scalp (so you’ll be turning the left hand side anti-clockwise and the right hand side clockwise). This is really important because the two sections of hair need to be heading in the opposite direction, so that there is more distinction between them when you knot your hair.

Once each section is twisted, simply knot the hair until you can’t knot any more. With each knot, make sure you aim to knot on top of the last one. It looks more flattering to have the end result sitting high up on your head, rather than sagging past the nape of your neck.

Tuck the rest of the hair that you weren’t able to form a knot with, in behind the knot and pin with bobby pins.


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